Introducing the Central Virginia Sport Kite Competition (CVSKC)!

CVSKC was an AKA-sanctioned, regional competition held on June 25-26, 2005 at Dorey Park, Richmond, VA.  This competition was created by members of the RAF and WOW kite clubs to fill the void created by the cancellation of this year's ODSKC.

There were competitions held in Novice and Open Classes, with the following results:

Novice Individual Precision

1.  Andy Burchfield
2.  Laura Stonestreet
3.  Terry Cornell

Novice Individual Ballet

1.  Richard Mervine
2.  Ron Cox
3.  Andy Burchfield

Open Individual Precision

1.  Todd Haymans
2.  Will Smoot
3.  Doug Charleville

Open Individual Ballet

1.  Doug Charleville
2.  Marc Conklin
3.  Andrew Albosta

Open Multi-Line Ballet

1.  Paul LaMasters
2.  Mike Mosman
3.  Charles Stonestreet

Open Individual Freestyle

1.  Charles Stonestreet
2.  Paul LaMasters
3.  Andrew Albosta

Open Pairs Precision

1.  WingNuts (Laura Stonestreet, Will Smoot)
2.  Airborne Virus (Todd Haymans, Marc Conklin)

Open Pairs Ballet

1.  Airborne Virus (Todd Haymans, Marc Conklin)
2.  WingNuts (Laura Stonestreet, Will Smoot)


Special Thanks to Area Clubs:

Richmond Air Force