Picture Gallery - Mile High Fly at Beech Mtn, NC  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Doug Charleville)
Richmond Air Force (RAF) and Wings Across Carolina Kiting & Okra Society (WACKOS) members shared a great dinner in Boone, NC the evening before the event. Ken McNeil of Blue Moon Kites flies one of his creations. Martin Blais, another renowned kite builder, demonstrates an alternate use for a 10' custom rokakku - an umbrella!
The weather was only fit for...  a penguin? Jim Martin trying to get SpongeBob SquarePants to soak up the rain. Will Smoot organized the event with the local Chamber of Commerce.  Despite the challenging weather and this being a first time event, everything ran smoothly and based on comments, was well received by the locals.
Harold Ames from Wings over Washington (WOW) Doesn't matter if it's raining, kids always enjoy the bubble machine. Lunch Call!  The Event was supported by local merchants.
View down the hill from the flying fields. Another.  The green spaces on the hill opposite are ski runs. Kite Corral
Despite the light winds, WACKOS members managed to get the big Octopus to fly for a while. Managed a couple of side trips while there.  Grandfather Mountain is worth the time to visit. Suspended foot bridge is over 1 mile elevation.
Popular visitor spot.  There is a very nice nature area down the mountain with a museum/information center that is also very nice. Maribel Charleville enjoys the view. Interpretive center and gift shop
Another fun place to visit is the old Mast General Store Store has been there a very long time and they still stock many items with that "old-time" flavor. Post Office inside the Mast Store.
Martin Blais' custom dolphin foil flies over the mountain (photo by Laura Stonestreet) Jim Martin's mini-arch (photo by Laura Stonestreet)