Picture Gallery - Friends of the RAF  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Doug Charleville unless otherwise noted)
WOW (Wings over Washington) members Paul LaMasters, Harold Ames and Mike Mosman flying at the 2003 AKA Convention. Not sure who this is, but gotta love the four-handed quad concept.  So if he isn't an RAF friend, he should be! Barbara Birnham (WOW) wrestling a trash can.  Barb makes it into many of my photos.  Maybe because she is colorful and fun?
Ron Graziano showing another dimension of his skills - flying a quad stack indoors Ari Contzious is also multi-dimensional - Here he is flying a sheet of plastic. Barbara Birnman again.  See what we mean about her being colorful?  Sharing the photo with Elizabeth Ames of WOW.
Dennis Hawley (WOW) on one of those rare occasions when you see more than one line in his hand. Dennis Smith and Kurt Deneger watch the action at Wildwood Doug Charleville with Donna and Nelson, Midwest flyers from the St. Louis, MO region.  As you can see, all are Mamba fans.
A bunch of our friends in the water at Tybee, GA.  The old GISKC location required a lot of wading to be successful. Jim Cosca of WOW shows us whats on the menu. Another group of RAF friends loading the Park Ranger pickup for the trip up the dunes at OBSKC, Jockey's Ridge NC.
Paul LeMasters at Machu Pichu, Peru (photo by Barbara Birnham) Patty Tinkham built herself a nest against the cold and rain at the NJSKC 2003. Paul LeMasters and Harold Ames show off their prize winning quads at the Smithsonian Kite Festival (photo by Barbara Birnham)
Stoney with Rob Autrey and Ted Goodman at the Wildwood Banquet (photo by Laura Stonestreet) Lee Pitchford and Anita at the Wildwood Banquet (photo by Laura Stonestreet)