Picture Gallery - GISKC 2003  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Doug Charleville unless otherwise noted)
Doug Charleville doing a tip stab with his new Shawn Tinkham Viper (photo by Randy Greenway) Shawn delivered a few of these beauties, prompting an impromptu "megafly".  Keith Galleano, Doug Charleville, and Rob Autrey line them up. (photo by Randy Greenway) Doug's Blue Moon Mamba (photo by Randy Greenway)
Doug and Keith on the beach Saturday morning.  Big difference from Friday with winds in the MPH range. (photo by Randy Greenway) The event moved about 1 mile north of last year's location.  Beach was wider which allowed the competition to take place without the wading.  A good thing considering the temp topped out in the mid-60's Saturday and low-60's on Sunday. SLK's were pretty well behaved considering the gusty winds.  Exception was the two lobsters and their lifter, which decided to take a trip into town when the afternoon winds picked up.  Everything looked flat in the gray overcast skies.
Kite assembly area.  Doug's new vented Mamba in the foreground.  Vented kites were a must in the killer winds. John Lutter was there from Kitestop.com. The layout.  Kitebus Festivals (Terry Murray) sound equipment next to the field and the event tent behind.  On Sunday, the EZ-Up stayed in the bag and everything was run from the event tent.
Some SLK's and banners north of the event fields.  Many folks stayed in the condos directly behind the flying fields.  Nice places.  We were in the DeSoto Hotel about 3-4 buildings north of the the site, about where these kites are flying.  Good alternative to the condos. Doug's Play-Do entry at the banquet, caption by Stoney.  This won an award, but I don't recall the category. (photo by Randy Greenway) "Nine-o-clock Start Time"
Doug sitting on the beach Saturday morning at the appointed hour.  notice the definite lack of other flyers on the beach!  Also not the three sleeves on the ground - a Vented Mamba, Vented Mojo, and TC Ultra Hurricane. (photo by Will Smoot)
Keith G and Doug display their "wood" from the EIP while David Hanson looks on. (photo by Randy Greenway) Doug with his highly modified TC Ultra Hurricane (photo by Bill Beneker) Laura Stonestreet and her TC Ultra Hurricane (photo by Bill Beneker)
Stoney and his TC Ultra Hurricane (photo by Bill Beneker) WingNuts (Laura S. and Will Smoot) with full vent Shivas (photo by Bill Beneker) Doug and his vented Blue Moon Mamba (photo by Bill Beneker)
WIngNuts again, with a TC Ultra Hurricane (photo by Bill Beneker) Will Smoot and his I2K. (photo by Bill Beneker) Stoney getting knot tying lessons from Gary Engvall (photo by Bill Beneker)
The event shirt was an homage to last year's event, including Maggie Engvall's total immersion while judging.  Didn't get the papers wet! (photo by Bill Beneker) Will registers while Doug, Stephanie Hiebert, and Ginny and David Hanson check out the T-shirts. (photo by Bill Beneker) Will, TC Powers (TC Ultra designer/builder) and Ginny check out the goodies at the cookout. (photo by Bill Beneker)
Gary Engvall and Stoney swap stories. (photo by Bill Beneker) Laura enjoying the beach with Jerry Conway. (photo by Bill Beneker) Doug assembling his new Viper. (photo by Bill Beneker)