Picture Gallery - ODSKC 2003  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Doug Charleville)
Dave Hanson runs the flyer's meeting Eastern League Flyers More Eastern League Flyers
ODSKC organizers Dave Hanson (far left) and Terry Murray (with mike) with Maggie Engvall.  Caught a number of RAF flyers in this one shot - just to the left of Dave H. is Marc Conklin and Mearle Balmer.  Just to the right of Terry is Laura Stonestreet, Phil Napier, Will Smoot and Stoney Stonestreet (behind Will). Even more Eastern League flyers (Shiva Divas in front) Ditto
OK, enough Eastern League flyers shots! The fields at Dorey Park are generous and green Ron Graziano doing what he does
Connectikiters Flowform 252 - Not everyone comes to ODSKC to compete Some nice SLK's graced the skies. Savannah feathers was there with their banners.
Hi barb!  What do you have to show us today? Barb's Banners Gotta love these!
Premier, one of the more generous sponsors of the event. Liberty Kitefliers were there.  Great Lady Liberty banner The guys from Florida with all their custom STX's.  Avia is another big ODSKC sponsor.
Stephanie Heibert deserves a big thank you for hauling the event banners around, setting them up, and taking them down. (She has a few other Eastern League duties as well)  When you see her out there, give her a hand. RAF Banners.  You can tell the wind was really kicking.  Not the norm for ODSKC. Photos wouldn't be complete without Gary Engvall's Connectikiters banners.
The ODSKC 2003 Event Kite, made by Adrienne Ballmer.  This kite was bought by Doug Coates at the ODSKC Auction.  Good Purchase! (photo by Laura Stonestreet) See everyone next year!