Picture Gallery - RAF Flyers  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Doug Charleville unless otherwise noted)
SLK's at the 2002 AKA Convention make a nice background for this shot of Maribel Charleville. Charles "Stoney" Stonestreet, Phil Napier, and Doug Charleville at Dorey Park, home of the RAF (photo by Bill Taylor) Bill Taylor
Doug flying his Nirvana at the St. Louis Arch (photo by Maribel Charleville) Doug giving some quad lessons (photo by Maribel Charleville) Maribel at the St. Louis Arch
Will Smoot holding a one-person Rokakku battle Aaron Husz gets some air Maribel and Doug - "Life is Good!"
Maribel tends the flock of Blue Moons at the NACKC Doug Charleville - "Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night..." Will, Elizabeth, and Heidi Smoot at the AKA National Convention. (photo by Laura Stonestreet)
Mearl and Adrienne Ballmer with Stoney at the AKA Convention. (photo by Laura Stonestreet) Future Masters flier Todd Haymans at his first competition, OBSKC 2003. (photo by John Murphy) Terry Cornell (TeeCee) with some of his favorites
Mearl Ballmer with his awesome Tricoflex at Ocean City, 2002 (photo by Bill Taylor) Stoney teaches Marc Conklin the finer art of sewing technique (photo by Laura Stonestreet) MEN CAN SEW!! ROCK & ROLL!!! (photo by Laura Stonestreet)
Brad Spivey, Laura Stonestreet, and Stoney (photo by Chris Backus?) "The judges are ready!" (photo by Laura Stonestreet)