Picture Gallery - RAF Kites  - Click on the picture for a larger version
Bill Taylor's plastic bag 4-cylinder sled kite Bill Taylor's Tri-D box kite TeeCee's Parrothead Rokakku
Doug's Dunton-Taylor - Doug built a pair of these from the same material.  The "twin" has the wings reversed. Doug and Maribel Charleville's Cross Deck - the first coop effort for the Charleville's, at Cliff Quinn's workshop Doug Charleville's Della Porta, built during kitebuilder.com's first online kite making workshop
Another Della Porta by Doug Charleville The Charleville Family Crest Rokakku, another collaborative effort for Doug and Maribel. Doug's Square Flake - Doug's first building effort from Gary Engvall's excellent workshop
Will Smoot's delta (photo by Will Smoot) Marc Conklin's Flowform 60' with a 50' tube tail made by Stoney (photo by Laura Stonestreet) Marc Conklin's Cross-Deck, made in the Cliff Quinn workshop (photo by Marc Conklin)
Marc Conklin's Dunton-Taylor (photo by Marc Conklin) Marc Conklin's Gadsden Flag Rokakku (photo by Marc Conklin) Marc's "Stars & Stripes" Mirages cutting across the water at Coquina Beach, NC (photo by Jill Conklin)
Mirages again (photo by Jill Conklin) Mearl Ballmer's Nationally award-winning Tricoflex (photo by Bill Taylor)