Picture Gallery - Smithsonian Kite Festival 2003 - page 1  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Doug Charleville unless otherwise noted)

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The event was held between the Washington Monument and the Capitol this year. Harold Ames, Adrienne Balmer, Barb Birnham, and Jim Cosca were among the early birds. Corey Jenson's infamous suit
Ginny Hanson is always one of the big volunteers Richmond Air Force banner display Wings Over Washington
Connectikiters Love these little guys.  Lots of unique color and expression. Premier Banners
Lehigh Valley Kiting Display - this year's display winners The kids were all invited to participate in the opening ceremony and given a t-shirt, hat, and kite for doing so.  These guys were pretty excited about it. Getting them organized.
Gotta get everything adjusted right for the big event! Getting there... Looks like we have enough and have them grouped with the correct colors...
Let the ceremony begin! They marched to "It's a Small World" - the long version. Participants, both children and parents, seemed to enjoy it.
Meantime, on the flying field, the adults waited with a really big American flag and a Flowform for their part in the ceremony. At the right moment, the Flowform went up and the flag waved.  
View down the mall toward the Capitol, early morning.  One kite flies along. As the day went along, the crowd grew as did the number of kites flying. and grew...
and grew.... and grew. The free kites given away were very nice this year.