Picture Gallery - Favorite Kite Photos  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Doug Charleville unless otherwise noted)
Bill Taylor puts lights on his Histrion (photo by Bill Taylor) Who says single line kites can't do tricks!  Kite Dude headstand! Doug Charleville's stack of Griffins with 100' Rainbow tube tails (photo by Maribel Charleville)
Patriotic Kite Fly. Great timing on this shot to capture the Legacy as it turned back into the loops of the 100' tail (photo by Maribel Charleville) Sunrise on the OBX.  John combined a shot of Doug Charleville's Mamba with a sunrise photo to make this great picture.  He calls it "Mamba Sunrise" (photo by John Murphy)
Timing is everything.  Prism Vapor in a fade just as it crosses the sun. Flying in the Republic of Panama.  Q2004 flying above Ancon Hill. Just happened to be flying the rainbow E2 when a light rainbow appeared.  It looks like the E2 is shedding some of its rainbow colors off the wing.
Another shot.  The kite is blurry, but you can see more rainbow. Doug flew this 20' Raptor wiht R/W/B attachments to mark the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Doug landing the Raptor.  Gives you an idea of the size of the kite (photo by Maribel Charleville)
"Running Hot" - Doug flying his Rev 1.5 SUL on a beach in Panama (photo by Maribel Charleville) "Running Cold" - Doug flying the Rev 1.5 SUL after a snowstorm in Virginia (photo by Maribel Charleville) David Gomberg has a great way of stacking his big inflatable kites that give you photo opps like this.
Big backlit kite, reflections from the ocean, pier looking to be under attack from a giant flying octopus - What's not to like about this shot? Long tails on a patriotic parafoil with one of our nation's monuments in the background.  'nuff said (photo by Carl Hansen) White Spirit, clouds and blue sky showing through.  Clouds make good photos better. (photo by Maribel Charleville)
Great shot.  Depth makes it look like the Prism stylus stack is far away, approaching the sun (photo by Maribel Charleville) The dark clouds are the primary feature here, intimidating the TC Ultra as it dives for the ground. (photo by Maribel Charleville) Clouds again.  This time the TC Ultra seems to be celebrating the sun on the clouds as the dark recedes.
Hooray for the Red, White and Blue! Carl Robertshaw Serpent Delta against some great clouds Nice close-up of Marc Conklin's "Stars & Stripes" Mirages in flight (photo by Jill Conklin) Boat, Kite, Water, Pretty Lady (photo by Bill Taylor)
BMK Mamba UL at Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, Port Huron, MI (photo by Kathy Cornell?)