Picture Gallery - Kite Making  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Bill Taylor unless otherwise noted)
Layout at the Sandston Rec Center where the RAF holds its kite making workshops Will Smoot, Doug Charleville, and Adrienne Balmer get ready to build some kites! How to build a "square flake" by Gary and Maggie Engvall - August 2003
Doug and Marc Conklin listen attentively Gary with Maggie in the background Will Smoot at the sewing machine
Some of Gary's facet kites Doug with the finished product Bill and Milly Taylor with their finished squareflakes (photo by Doug Charleville)
Mearl and Adrienne Balmer at Scott Spencer's "Weaving Ripstop Nylon" workshop - Sept. 2003 (photo by Scott Spencer) Dennis & Marjorie True (photo by Scott Spencer) David Hanson (photo by Scott Spencer)
Will Smoot (photo by Scott Spencer) Les (photo by Scott Spencer)  
David Hansen and Adrienne Balmer Adrienne drys her kite Mearle Balmer
Les Bias Marjorie True Kitemaking legend Scott Spencer explains the ripstop "weaving" process
    Some of Scott's demo kites
  Doug Charleville at home making a rainbow Dunton-Taylor box delta during Hurricane Isabel.  Shortly after, the power went out. (photo by Maribel Charleville) And here's the finished product in the air! (photo by Doug Charleville)