Picture Gallery - Cliff Quinn Crossdeck Workshop  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Doug & Maribel Charleville unless otherwise noted)
Pat & Russ Mozier and Adrienne Ballmer set up for the workshop. Doug Charleville - "I know there's a hole in here somewhere..." Cliff helps another builder prepare.
Marc Conklin gets his machine set up. Russ Mozier made this table extension for their sewing machine, nice setup. Cliff explains the Crossdeck design.
Mearl and Adrienne Ballmer cutting out wings. Stoney working on edge binding. Cliff showing Terry and Janis how to lay out the bigger pieces.
Doug hot cutting a section - note the nice weights.  Cliff made these with short lengths of copper pipe filled with lead and capped with felt. Maribel Charleville testing the machine before beginning assembly. Rasta-Mearl discovers a new use for spare edge bindings.  Very versatile!
Cliff and Doug flight testing Doug's completed Crossdeck. The proud parents and their completed kite. Mearl and Marc working on final layouts.
Terry and Janis use the window to check the alignment of their front and back pieces. "Yep, there it is!" Getting down to the final touches.
  Russ and Pat Mozier show off their completed "Mardi Gras" Crossdeck.