RAF Links

Click on the links to visit some of our favorite kite-related sites!

The American Kitefliers Association - This is it, the premier kiting organization in not only the U.S. but the world!  We're proud to be a member club.  Look here for all sorts of information, including competition info such as precision compulsory figures.
The Eastern League Sport Kite Association - The Eastern League governs and sponsors all major sport kiting events along the Eastern seaboard.
Hang 'em High Fabrics - Based here in Richmond, Hang 'em High is THE source for high quality kite making fabrics, frames, tools, and supplies.
The Wings Over Washington Kite Club - Our friends "up north".  The WOW folks support a lot of RAF events.
Connectikiters Kite Club - Our friends WAY "up north"!  The Connectikiters make lots of trips down south to support RAF events.
Wings Across Carolina Kiting and Okra Society - More friends "down south".  Great folks who also get involved with RAF events.
  Gary Engvall's "Good Heavens" web site - great plans, sewing tips, good kids kite links