Picture Gallery - AKA National Convention 2003  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Doug Charleville unless otherwise noted)

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This was looking toward the W-P gate from the hotel. Host hotel was the Hope hotel, which is located at Wright-Patterson AFB. A tradition is to mark your room with a kite.  This was Doug & Maribel Charleville's room
All the flying took place at the Air Force Museum Icarus in the Atrium A few shots inside the museum...
Warmups.  Mike Mosman, Harold Ames, and Paul LeMasters fly the Mini-Ryv stacks.   They were happy to get them back on the ground without crashing or tangling them
Doug Charleville flying one of the stacks. One of the buggy guys stopped by to try. Found them to be quite a challenge... ...so headed back for the buggy area.
The local AKA region hosted a great Early Bird reception. pretty fancy Scott says this is as conservative as it gets.
Quite a crowd and a lot of kites for the auction. Charlie Sotich taught a miniature kite class. Yep, they really fly!
Connectikiters banners WindZone kites and banners Gone With the Wind banner
Maribel Charleville earns her pin at one of the mass ascensions Stoney's Black Pearl Rok Rokakku mass ascension