Picture Gallery - AKA National Convention 2003 - page 2  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Doug Charleville unless otherwise noted)

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More Roks Sedgewick cube class Maribel's first kite
Fighter kite class announcement Fighter kite class.  pretty crowded. Back to the banners...
A hive of Blue Moon Killer Bees belonging to the Chicago Fire more banners Laura Stonestreet flying Doug's TC Ultra Storm.  Winds were strong all week.
Kite arches in front of the museum AKA mini-banner class Bag auction had some nice offerings.
Doug:  "Can I have it?" Maribel:  "No." The "eyes" have it. Maribel gets her cellular kite pin.
Cellular kite mass ascension. Flying phone booth Some shots of the cellular kites.
Mearl Balmer's pair of Tricoflexes Some nice patriotic displays  
Mearle's Tricoflexes making their way down the field. Indoor fly was in the museum.  Nice background for the flyers