Picture Gallery - Roanoke Family Fun Fly 2003  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Doug Charleville unless otherwise noted)
Guest hotel to the RAF contingent Kroger is one of the big event sponsors. Roanoke gets the full banner treatment.
Harold Ames sets out a bunch of small banners Phil Napier says "That's a lot of banners!" Along the backside too
The KiteBus sound tent and RAF field HQ. Doug Charleville's Griffin stack and Thor's Hammer ready to fly.  Winds were never high enough for the stack, although Thor flew for a while. Even in light winds, Dunton-Taylors always fly.  These were mostly built by Harold Ames who was taking them to Japan as gifts.
Maribel Charleville flying a Dunton-Taylor. Terry found a BIG flag for the opening ceremony. It proved to be very popular...
    ...as did the Easter Egg hunt.  It didn't pay to be between this mob and their booty.
Despite the light winds, Gary Engvall was able to get this stack of Dynakites up Beautiful set of kites, and Gary really flies them well. Adrienne Balmer's Valleydale Farm Genki flying.
Terry always draws a crowd with his rev skills. Doug flying a Blue Moon Maverick.  Only 9 were ever made. Crazy hats anyone?  Doug models the latest headgear (photo by Laura Stonestreet)
See you next year!