Picture Gallery - Roanoke Family Fun Fly 2004 - page 2  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Janis Worth unless otherwise noted)

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Hard to get your vision clear at 5AM! It's dark and there's no wind - hard time to fly kites for an early am TV promotion Ah... the sun rises.
The new 20' x 30' flag makes it's debut for the Rally 'Round the Flag ceremonies It's all smiles from the crew after the morning broadcast was done.
Debbie Kavitz from the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce helps out rolling up the flag   Adrienne Ballmer
The RAF shows it's Red, White, and blue Smiles were plentiful during the running of the bols.
  Patrick and Lawrence get the prize for best team effort with the largest Bol in Roanoke
  BolMaster Phil Napier explains the game to the little ones.
  Dennis True and Adrienne Balmer Doug Charleville
The first Raffle winnner! Harold Ames
  Marc Conklin and Phil Napier prepare for a fish fight