Picture Gallery - Roanoke Family Fun Fly 2004 - page 3  - Click on the picture for a larger version (all photos by Janis Worth unless otherwise noted)
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  Retired USN Chief Harold Ames is the official flag officer for the day, overseeing the ceremony. This young lady was close to tears as she sang the National Anthem with the crowd.
The Grand Poobah himself... Stoney gets ready to showcase his CrossDeck workshop kite. Ted Arvin, event sponsor from Valleydale foods was happy with the turnout.
Ken McNeill, Doug Charleville, and Phil Napier form and impromptu "Team Blue Moon" Terry's in his happy place...
The set up... The throw.... ...and the catch!
Who had more fun, the kids or the ball?
    Hats off to Will Smoot for doing such a great job in the sound tent.