10th Annual Richmond/Washington
Regional Sport Kite Championship

Saturday, September 13, 2014
Taylor Park, Ashland VA
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RWRSKC 2014 Competitor Information

RWRSKC will be run under the rules and guidelines in the International Sport Kite (ISK) Competition Rules version 2.4, ISK Judges' Book version 2.2, ISK Compulsories Book version 2.2, and the AKA Appendix version 2.7.  The Chief Judge for RWRSKC 2014 is Marc Conklin.

RWRSKC is a one-day event that will start with a Novice flying clinic where new fliers will be paired with an experienced flier for some one-on-one "basic flight training".  This training will focus on basic precision flying skills, specifically cornering, straight lines, and landings.  This will be followed by competition in Novice and Open classes for individual dual-line precision and ballet, and Novice and Open class multi-line precision and ballet.  Check the schedule page for the detailed schedule.  For experienced and masters competitors, precision and ballet events will be run as Open events, which means there will be one event winner for each discipline regardless of the flier's class.  However, results will be reported to the AKA for national scoring according to the fliers class.

RWRSKC 2014 Competition Figures: NOTE:  Both the Novice and Open disciplines will draw from the below figures.

For detailed information on the below figures, download the ISK Compulsories Book version 2.2.  The listings here are also linked to the excellent figure animations on the Reed Designs web site.

 Dual-Line Precision: DI-02 (Circle) DI-09 (Octagon) DI-17 (Wedge)
DI-07 (Jump) DI-13 (Steps) DI-18 (Square Cuts)
Multi-Line Precision: MI-02 (Ladder Up) MI-04 (Two Down) MI-19 (Bumps)
MI-03 (Steps and Turns) MI-08 (Camel Back) MI-20 (Lift)

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